We have a variety of perennials, roses, wildflowers and azaleas scattered about the property. During the summer months we have BERRIES, of course, and other fruits and vegetables available to our guests. We have a few different outdoor settings and Perkins Chapel for a unique & rustic meeting spot. Nestled among the pines are our mountain cabins.

We have a variety of short walking trails throughout the woods, each with their own unique surroundings. In the warmer months you will find a variety of ferns, woodland wildflowers and mushrooms. In the cooler months the pines, bamboo, rhododendron and mountain laurel provide you with beautiful color and texture

Our spring-fed pond offers an opportunity to skip rocks or float in the cool water (be sure to bring your water /mud shoes). As evening falls ,during the summer months, you can listen to the “call of the FROGS”.
Autumn across the garden and lawn

Across the pond on a hot summer day
Winter walk in the woods

The gazebo, with a cool summer breeze
One of “our” white squirrels